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About Me

Sara Herr RN, BSN & Natural Health Coach

I use a gentler, science based approach to getting you feeling healthy & energized.

After following conventional ‘healthy’ diet & exercise advice I was struggling with gut issues, low energy, and was burnt out physically and mentally.

I started to heal and dive deeper into the science behind how our daily habits, background, and environment shape how we feel.


  • One-on-one consults with monthly coaching sessions, and diet & lifestyle guides
  • Monthly workshops

Help relieve symptoms If you are struggling with:

  • Brain fog
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin conditions such as: acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • Pre-diabetic or diabetic
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalances such as PCOS and PMS
  • Chronic illness including autoimmune disorders
  • Anxiety or depression
  • IBS, IBD or suffer any gut health issues

Or just want to feel better overall.

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